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Clear away the clutter.

Forget sticky notes and to-do lists isolated in separate apps. With, you can set reminders
in email, as you send email. So you never have to worry about missing an important date or task.

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Never lose a lead.

After you make contact, set a reminder to follow up—and then feel free to forget about it. When the time arrives, the reminder shows up in your email. Need to stay connected with a new or important contact? Set a recurring reminder.

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See who's reading your email.

Want to see who’s opening your email, and when? Use Open Tracking through Google Apps. You can target customers right after they read an email, to close more sales and build engagement. Open Track your reminders on any platform.

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Make sure you get responses.

If you use Gmail,, or Yahoo Mail, you can set reminders for when you haven’t received a response to an email. So nothing slips through the cracks.

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Remember important dates.

Want to get quick, easy reminders in your Inbox—without having to manage your calendar? Schedule them with a few clicks in FollowUp.

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Get more done. Every day.

Finished writing an email, but want to send it later? Wish you could schedule items to your calendar right from email? Want to integrate and automate with your CRM, calendar, or web service? With FollowUp, you can do all of that, and plenty more.

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Give Sales more to work with.

FollowUp integrates with Salesforce and connects to 100s of apps with Zapier. So your team can keep using the tools they love, only with new capabilities to stay more organized and get more done.

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Plays nice with everyone.

No software to download. Nothing to install. No IT team required.

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Open Track and Send Later features work exclusively with the Chrome Extension.

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