The Personal CRM for Professionals

Lightweight relationship manager for Gmail that keeps your conversations from slipping through the cracks

The way we communicate has changed.

Your contacts want to communicate with people, not robots. helps you send better, more personal email at the optimal time – which ultimately results in you sending less email. Finally.

SMARTER CONVERSATIONS makes sales more about relationships and less about quotas with conversation management tools that make your life easier and your conversations more meaningful.


Stop wasting time on low priority tasks. streamlines your email workflow so you can spend more time on building stronger relationships and closing more deals.


Never login to Salesforce again. Sound appealing? We thought so too. lets you manage leads and contacts directly in Gmail, giving you the power to do more in your inbox.

Know what's going on. Know what's next.

  • Set reminders so you never leave anyone hanging
  • Use open & link tracking to know if your emails are read, and your links clicked
  • Auto follow-up on emails that don’t receive a response to stay top-of-mind
  • Schedule email with send later for when your contacts are likely to open
  • Update Salesforce contacts and leads directly in Gmail to save time
  • Snooze low priority email so you can focus on important conversations

Thousands of people trust us to advance their conversations.

We work where you work. Here’s how we help you work smarter:


Give your Gmail inbox superpowers with Our toolset is powerful yet lightweight so we won’t slow you down.

  • Watch your response rate skyrocket when you’re always following up
  • Beat your friends to happy hour by automating all your tedious tasks
  • Send less email that gets more done with detailed reporting - your clients will thank you


Watch opportunities move down the funnel in your inbox. Add and manage your Salesforce data without ever leaving Gmail.

  • Spend less time in Salesforce digging for data (or never even log in again!)
  • Close more deals with better visibility on all of your opportunities
  • Keep your report-hungry sales manager happy with quick and easy data input :)
Work somewhere else like Apple Mail, Outlook or Yahoo? does too.
Use reminders seamlessly with any email platform - desktop or mobile - to never let anything slip through the cracks.