For SalesPeople, Not Sales Robots is a Gmail plugin that helps you close more deals, build deeper relationships, and save more time with open tracking, send later, reminders and more

Make your Gmail Inbox work for you and your sales team

  • Use Reminders so you never leave a prospect, friend, or contact hanging
  • Stop wondering if your emails are getting opened. We’ll tell you with Open Tracking
  • No more Friday afternoon emails. Use Send Later to get in the inbox first thing Monday morning
  • Avoid logging into Salesforce. Add contacts and leads directly from Gmail
  • Get emails out of your way by snoozing them. We’ll remind you about them later!

Over 75,000 Happy Customers

" is my number one productivity tool recommendation. It allows you to achieve inbox zero, get rid of your to do list, free up your mind, and be more effective.”

Ari Meisel Img ari meisel

"With, staying on track became incredibly easy. Anybody who uses email to ask other people to do things should use it!"

Rahoul Vohra Rahoul img

"Busy salespeople & prospectors often suck at prioritizing. Being able to see exactly when & how often an email is opened is a lifesaver to many of them...guiding them on who to call on, and when."

Aaron Ross Img aaron ross

“It's a secret weapon I use almost daily. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be successful.”

Noah Kagan Img noah kagen

“I love! I know has helped me build countless relationships that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Using it is simple and the results are powerful.”

Damien Tanner Img damien tanner

"Nothing beats the simplicity and reliability of But don't let its simplicity fool you -- this is one powerful tool! ”

Ryan Matzner Img ryan matzner

“Email isn't complete without It's a must have tool for anyone in business.”

Deepa Sumarian Img deepa sumarian

“One tool that is a great addition to is I’m a big advocate of following up in sales – I’ve won so many deals simply because I never stop following up.”

Steli Efti Img steli efti

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