About FollowUp.cc

FollowUp was the solution to an entrepreneur's emailing grievances. In his daily operations running a business, he often found himself emailing people and then posting a reminder on his calendar to email that person again if they didn't respond in due time.

He wanted a solution that would automatically remind him to follow up with someone, and thus created FollowUp.cc: a service in which you copy us on emails you want to follow up with, simple as that.

We're proud to have invented this concept of attaching a reminder with a flexible format as an email address (see our first home page launched in 2007). This has allowed people to use the service in various ways that work for them, such as:

  • attaching reminders to outgoing emails
  • using our service a scheduled to-do list
  • turning emails into tasks
  • and of course snoozing emails via forwarding or our Snooze Links™

Proud to be Part of the Cambridge/Boston Internet Startup Scene

FollowUp.cc is proud to be part of the growing Cambridge and Boston Massachusetts internet startup ecosystem. Our location in this vibrant technology area enables us to learn from those around us. Here are some of the companies, executives and technologists we turn to when we have business, tech, marketing or operational questions:

Shareaholic - Shareaholic is fanatical about making people more productive by making sharing easy. Shareaholic makes web sharing better, faster and easier while also making it simple for web publishers, advertisers and mainstream businesses to measure the results of their sharing activities.

BetterLesson - BetterLesson is the best place for teachers and educators to create and find the highest-quality lessons and instructional resources and curriculum. BetterLesson also has interviews with incredible teachers doing amazing things for their students.