Compliance to the Google API Services User Data Policy app's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Information received from Google API Services are used only for the purpose of the safe and secure operation of the application and follow and adhere strictly to the guidelines of Google API Services User Data Policy

FollowUp is a lightweight email reminder service. This policy describes the types of personal information we may collect and how we use it to provide the FollowUp service.

By using FollowUp, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this policy. You should know:

* We collect limited account information to maintain your account and reminders on our servers.
* We will never rent, sell or share information that personally identifies you for marketing purposes without your express permission.
* You can update your account information and preferences at any time.

To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, at this time FollowUp is only available to users who are at least 13 years old. If you are under 13, please do not use the FollowUp service.

What data does collect from customers using Google integrations? users can use Google integration features that require to access limited information from the Google account they provide. When these features are accessed by users and administrators, displays a message allowing the user to review the information that will be collected, including a link to this privacy policy, so they can choose to allow that access or cancel. The following list gives details of each Google integration feature, and if that feature is used, the corresponding data collected and its purpose.

(1) Email Open Tracking: We request for the OAuth scope of Read/ Modify/ Send email on your behalf. This feature allows us to get the tracking details of the emails. This scope is only used to read the Email headers and the tracking code in the email body. The email body is remain untouched and is not stored on our servers.

(2) Send Later: We request the OAuth scope of Read/ Modify/ Send email on your behalf. This feature allows us to send the email on your behalf at a scheduled date/time in future. The thread information is read and draft is automatically sent to the recipient. The email body is remain untouched and is not stored on our servers.

(3) Auto Followup: We request the OAuth scope of Read/ Modify/ Send email on your behalf. This feature allows us to automatically create draft of the email based on predefined & customizable email teamplates and send it to the recipient on your behalf.

(4) Followup Labels: FollowUp creates labels in your Gmail box to organize the emails & reminder sent/received by FollowUp. To create/modify/remove these labels we use Label scope permission which is already covered in earlier scopes.

Intended Use of User's Google Data

The sole purpose of user's Google data is only for providing the relevant services to our users. We do not store any your email body, all the informaiton whcih is required for application to keep performing is kept safe in our highly secured and encrypted databases at very highly secured datacenter. None of your personal data is ever shared with any of the third party in any case whatsoever.

What types of personal information do we collect and how do we use it?

Account information. When you register with FollowUp, we will request some personal information, including your email address and password to create your account. Your password will be maintained on our system in an encrypted form.

Reminder contents and usage. The contents of your FollowUp account are stored and maintained on FollowUp servers in order to provide the service. Because we keep back-up copies of data for the purposes of recovery from errors or system failure, residual copies of reminders may remain on our systems for some time, even after you have deleted information or after the termination of your account. FollowUp employees do not access the content of any reminders unless you specifically request them to do so (for example, if you are having technical difficulties accessing your account) or if required by law, to maintain our system, or to protect FollowUp or the public.

We also may collect information about the use of your account, such as how much storage you are using, how often you log in and other information related to your registration and use of FollowUp. Information displayed or clicked on in your FollowUp account (including UI elements, links, and other information) is also recorded. We use this information internally to deliver the best possible service to you, such as improving the FollowUp user interface.

FollowUp will never sell, rent or share your personal information with any third parties for marketing purposes without your express permission.

Cookies & log information

Cookies. A cookie is a small data file that is sent to your computer when you first visit a website. As with most website cookies, our cookies include an identification number that is unique to the computer you are using. This identifier helps us better understand our user base and how they are using our site and services.

When you visit FollowUp and create a FollowUp account, we set and access cookies on your computer. We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as recognizing you when you visit the site, displaying the site according to your chosen user settings for language, and maintaining the security of your account. We may also use the cookies to collect aggregated information about the use of FollowUp to maintain, analyze and improve the service. If you set your browser so that it refuses cookies, you will not be able to use the FollowUp service.

Log information. When you use your FollowUp account, we collect certain information (the same information that most web sites log when they are accessed). This information, contained in the "header" of your request to access the FollowUp page, usually includes the browser type you used, your Internet Protocol address, and the date and time of day. In addition, we log the unique ID provided by our cookie and the URL of the last site you visited.

As a basic matter, we need this information to help us provide our services to you. For example, we need to validate your identity in order to maintain the security of your reminders. We also need to know what Internet Protocol address your query came from so we can send the appropriate pages back to you.

In addition, we log this information for internal business purposes. For example, this log information helps us determine how well our services are working so we can continually improve the quality of FollowUp. The log information is also important for security, audit, quality improvement, and other internal business purposes.

How we may contact you

FollowUp may send you information related to your FollowUp account or FollowUp services. Because we believe such information is important, you will not be given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving them.

Transfer of information

Personal information collected by FollowUp may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which FollowUp maintains facilities. By using FollowUp, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information in the event of a transfer of ownership of FollowUp, such as acquisition by or merger with another company. In such an event, FollowUp will notify you with an opt-out option before information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Updating your information

You can change your FollowUp account settings at any time in the "Settings" section of your account.

You can terminate your account at any time, by going to the Billing page. We typically deactivate accounts within two business days of such requests. You should be aware, however, that residual copies of information may remain stored on our systems even after the deletion of information or the termination of your account.

We hope you will enjoy using FollowUp.

Program Policies

To uphold the quality and reputation of FollowUp, your use of FollowUp is subject to these program policies. If you are found to be in violation of our policies at any time, as determined by FollowUp in its sole discretion, we may warn you or suspend or terminate your account.

Please note that we may change our policies at any time, and pursuant to our Terms of Use, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and adhere to the policies posted here.

Prohibited Actions

In addition to (and/or as some examples of) the violations described in the Terms of Use, users may not:


You must promptly notify FollowUp of any breach of security related to the Services, including but not limited to unauthorized use of your password or account.