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Who are we?

We’re a small team with developers both in San Antonio, Texas & Kraków, Poland.

We push ourselves to be better every day and believe learning shouldn’t just be a byproduct, but a core value.

Not a startup. Not a corporation.

We’ve been around since 2006, and we're profitable. We're backed by Scaleworks, an awesome fund in San Antonio, Texas.

With thousands of paying customers, is self-sustaining and still growing! It’s safe to say we’re in it for the long haul.

Relationships matter isn’t just a buzzword.

They’re the words we live by. A friendly, informal atmosphere at the office and a flat structure ensures that everyone’s voice gets heard.

We have a process that works for us, but we’re always open to new ideas - every team member has influence on how we operate.

We work for our customers

Thousands of busy professionals use our FollowUp to manage relationships and accomplish the tasks at hand every single day. We listen, and build to meet their needs.

We remain committed to not only doing the right thing, but also to doing it right. Powerful, fast and easy to use.

Perks & benefits

Awesome Healthcare? Check. Well equipped kitchen? Check. Fantastic locations in two amazing cities? Check.

All of that stuff is just the frosting on the cake. What really makes it worth while is working with the right people.

This could be the view from your office

You’ll get a great workspace, and a Macbook Pro. We have a chill, inclusive atmosphere and don’t hold back laughter!

Both of our offices are located in great parts of town. Its super easy to find great lunch spots or hangouts after hours!

Frontend Developer (React)

Full time position in San Antonio, TX or Kraków, Poland

We’re building the next generation of our product and we're looking for a new frontend developer to join us. You'll be responsible for building out the client side application ( a chrome extension that augments Gmail) and taking it from its current v1 state to a scalable full-fledged product. You'll of course have say in the all things frontend and help drive backend decisions (we want to make sure we build pleasant api's).

    Our stack consists of:
  • • ES6/7
  • • React
  • • Redux & redux-saga
  • • Nightwatch for e2e testing
  • • A fully integrated CI/CD setup using CircleCI
  • • Our backend is a mix of Rails and Go services
  • • We also have a legacy stack using Angular and Rails that we're migrating away from

    Must have's:
  • • Prior experience with React, Redux, ES6/7, Webpack, CSS/SASS
  • • Prior experience as a team member building a major new feature for a product or service
  • • Critical eye for building/improving REST/JSON API clients
  • • You should be comfortable working with 3rd party libraries and services
  • • You should be familiar with the frontend opensource ecosystem (i.e. you know when leverage opensource tools vs building from scratch)

  • • Experience with Nighwatch or Karma or Mocha/Sinon/Chai or Enzyme.
  • • Past AngularJS experience
  • • Past experience working with distributed team members
  • • Past experience working with chrome extensions

  • • The usual suspects

Interested in a position in our San Antonio office? Contact Cristina at
Interested in a position in our Krakow office? Contact Paulina at

We’re small team, so we are not always looking for new people.
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