We take Your Privacy and Security Seriously

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At FollowUp.cc, we take security seriously. Utilizing SHA-2 SSL encryption by Gandi.net, and the world-class technology infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) FollowUp.cc ensures the absolute privacy of our users' data. FollowUp.cc follows and incorporates the latest security advancements, ensuring you and your data has the same level of data protection as an online bank.

Data Storage & Backups

We are constantly backing up (and encrypting) data and securely storing it in many geographic locations. This helps ensure that data will never be lost in case of a natural disaster, and we are able to restore full backups in a matter of seconds. All data is encrypted at rest using state of the art encryption technologies.

Physical Security

AWS facilities provide military-level perimiter control and the highest level of access security. Their data centers have heavily gaurded perimiters and world class intrusion detection systems. The US Department of Defense and NASA are just a couple of the many organizations that trust Amazon to handle the physical security surrounding their data. More information can be found here .

Online Security

FollowUp.cc uses the latest and greatest SSL algorithms. Upon logging into our system, your connection is always secure and encrypted. Your data is both encrypted at rest and transmitted via SSL, meaning your data cannot be viewed or comprimised both in transit or at rest.

Safe Harbor Compliant

We adhere to the U.S. - EU Safe Harbor Framework developed by the Department of Commerce in coordination with the European Commission. The U.S. - EU Safe Harbor Framework provides guidance for U.S. organizations on how to provide adequate protection for personal data.