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Relationship insights where you need them

We show you crucial information about the people you’re emailing as you navigate through your inbox.

Action everything. Action Everyone.

Add a next step to every contact & never forget to stay in touch with important people. View your history to see the big picture.

Notes. Tags. Contact details.

Write notes, tag contacts, and update profiles to provide context for every relationship so you never forget the details.

Easiest reminders on Earth

Set reminders with 1 click. Pick when you want to be reminded and free your mind of the matter until then.

Follow up if nobody replies

Schedule follow ups to ensure your conversations don’t slip through the cracks. Our follow ups will cancel if you get a response before your scheduled time.

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Open Tracking & Live activity feed

Get real-time notifications when your contacts open your emails. Use these insights to reach out at the optimal moment.

Link Tracking

Know who is engaging with your mail and who needs a nudge. Our link tracking lets you know when people click on your links.

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Follow–up, automatically

Schedule emails to send automatically if your recipient doesn’t reply. Write them yourself or choose from our expert templates.

Write your follow-up emails yourself in advance, or choose one of our battle-tested templates. Tweak as needed.

Send Later, when time is right

No one reads email at 4:30 on a Friday. Write your emails whenever you have the time and schedule them to send when you know it will be read.

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Remember everything

Use the button to set reminders on any site before the need slips your mind. Set reminders for specific webpages, online convos, or even a social media profile.

Get in the flow of things

Enable recurring reminders to streamline the things you routinely face on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Your day in a snapshot

Keep a bird’s eye view on your upcoming reminders.
Quickly browse, cancel or reschedule them in your sidebar.

Don’t regret the mail you send

One phone call can change an email conversation. See the mail you have scheduled to send and update or cancel it on the fly.

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Simple. Lean. Surprisingly feature-packed.

Manage Relationships
Auto Follow-ups
Online Lookup
Activity Timeline
Mail-in Reminders
Notes about People
Contact Reminders
Snooze Emails
Open Tracking
Google Sync
Events from Gmail
Send Later
Zapier Integration
IFTTT Integration
Website to Email
Evernote Integration
Recent Activity
Save to Drive
Recurring Reminders
iCal feeds
Salesforce in Gmail
Company Info
Daily Summary
Team Templates
Response Detection
Attachment Support
Multiple email support
Team Reports

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