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Being an entrepreneur means constant conversations and a work day that never really ends. provides you with the tools needed to keep it all together. Manage your work day right from your gmail.
Get more done and spend less time in your inbox.

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Know who you’re dealing with

Part of your success depends on those you surround yourself with. FollowUp helps you manage and grow your relationships by providing real time insights like locational, social media, professional, and personal data right from your Gmail.

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1-click email reminders

Easily set reminders on your conversations, tasks, and todo’s with the click of a button.

Pick when you want to be reminded and free your mind of the matter until then.

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Get a bird’s eye view

Feel like you can focus on the details too much and forget what you were trying to accomplish in the first place?

We show you the big picture with daily summaries of what’s coming up, who open your emails, and who to follow up with.

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Focus on what matters

Tackling a flooded inbox is a time consuming, daunting task. Chop it down by Snoozing less important emails.

Address them when the time comes. Or schedule a reply to send later so you know your message will be delivered at a better time.

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Follow up on any website

When a site, blog, or profile catches your eye, there isn’t always time to stop what you’re doing and look into it.

Set a reminder right then and there with the FollowUp Chrome Button. Add a note to remember the context. Really fast.

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Other useful features

It's the perfect productivitiy suite for recruiters who work in Gmail.
Lightweight, unobtrusive software that doesn't slow you down.

Manage Relationships
Auto Follow-ups
Contact Reminders
Activity Timeline
Online Lookup
Notes about People
Open Tracking
Response Detection
Team Templates
Company Info
Events from Gmail
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